Maximum value extraction

Gas Liquefaction: LNG & NGL

Iced Up Valves

Efficient Liquefaction

The liquefaction process is based on the Linde cycle, which provides for an expansion of the gas by means of rolling valves and uses multiple pressure jumps according to the flow of gas to be liquefied.

The applied technology implies an accurate choice of compressors, chillers and cryogenic apparatus, and is carried out over a number of successive stages of expansion and cooling.

The separation of NGL is performed in the process of liquefaction, in the process of which the liquids are separated from the gas stream, and sent to a storage tank in condensed form.

  • No external refrigerant media required
  • Low energy absorption: under 1 kWh per kg
  • Flexibility in adjusting the LNG to NGL output ratio depending on the demand
  • Automated and unpanned operation


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Maximum Value Extraction

Case 1:

Oil producer with moderate associated gas production with limited access to gas gathering system forced to flare gas due to pipeline reliability issues. OneLng solution allowed the operator to capture the entire gas production for NGL extraction and subsequent production of LNG.

Case 2:

Remote gas assets remained undeveloped due to high costs of pipeline connection. By installing its mobile LNG units at site, OneLng unlocks the value of a stranded asset and supplies LNG to the nearby mining operations.

Other services

Gas Well

Gas Treatment

Our offering starts with the process of cleaning the natural gas from any impurities it may contain. The modular pre-treatment plants are assembled to address the specific characteristics and volumes of the natural gas produced.

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Modular regasification plants for safe and efficient conversion of LNG to a ready-to-consume product.

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LNG & NGL Sales

Through our extensive network we can provide an outlet for the customer’s product and arrange all necessary logistics, be that for local / regional consumption, or for international export of LNG via any applicable means of transportation.

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