Natural Gas. Anywhere.


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Ready to use gas

OneLng has the capacity to facilitate the entire supply chain of the LNG journey, which starts at the well-head and ends at the end-consumer's point of receipt. Modular regasification plants can be provided for safe and efficient conversion of LNG to a ready-to-consume product.

This enables natural gas to be used at off-pipeline locations and reach off-grid demand, be that for a temporary need (e.g. pipeline outages or peak shaving), or stable fuel supply (e.g. power generation)

  • Mobile or stationary solutions, depending on customer demand
  • A range of heating media, such air, steam or electricity


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Natural Gas on Demand

Case 1:

In a partnership with a trucking and fueling company, OneLng provides LNG to a gas station, which also offers CNG. The help meet the demand, OneLng provides as vaporizer and convert natural gas to CNG.

Case 2:

After collecting natural gas at a well-head in a shale play, after separation and extraction of NGLs, the high-methane number gas is liquified and transported to a near by fracking site. The LNG is regasified for supply to gas gensets to electrify the fracking equipment.

Other services

Gas Well

Gas Treatment

Our offering starts with the process of cleaning the natural gas from any impurities it may contain. The modular pre-treatment plants are assembled to address the specific characteristics and volumes of the natural gas produced.

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Iced Up Valves

Gas Liquefaction: LNG & NGL

Lean and polished gas is liquefied using the natural gas compression-expansion cycles, which utilize in the process the same source gas.

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LNG & NGL Sales

Through our extensive network we can provide an outlet for the customer’s product and arrange all necessary logistics, be that for local / regional consumption, or for international export of LNG via any applicable means of transportation.

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