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Our team is committed on finding the best possible solutions for our clients, with focus on cost-effective, flexible and mobile gas liquefaction solutions.

high quality

We work with experts and technology providers who share our values and adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, sustainability and conduct.


Our team comprises of multidisciplinary experts spanning various industries, from upstream to downstream across conventional oil & gas to renewable fuels

What makes us special

New technologies & New Approach

OneLng is built on the foundation of innovative technologies and responsible entrepreneurship.

Since its inception, the company has been committed to the development and application of new technologies in the pursuit to eliminate harmful emissions from the industrial sector, convert waste to energy, and harness clean resources.

We offer a solution-based business approach where it is imperative that all parties benefit. Our zero-cost model, where no capital investment is required from the customer, makes it a low-entry and no-risk undertaking.

We firmly believe in the capacity of our micro-LNG solutions to improve the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of our client's operations.

Learn how it works

the team that makes it happen

Kees Onstein

Chairman & Co-Founder

Martijn van Koolwijk

CEO & Co-Founder

Kapil Jain

Advisor Finance

Kristiina Unnuk

VP Commercial

Luis Osorio

President, Latin America

Roth Watson

President, South Africa

HC Hatfield

Technical Director

Trusted by world
class companies

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Our Board of Directors

Teck Soon Kong

Chairman of The Board

With over 40 years of multi-disciplinary career with Royal Dutch Shell worldwide, high-level management roles with a suite of petroleum companies, as well as a role of advisory to the Minister's Office of Petroleum & Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Kong has an indispensable value in setting the strategic course for the company.

Michiel Rexwinkel

Michiel is the co-founder of Greenchoice - the first and largest green utility company in the Netherlands. Michiel offers vital vision of energy transition towards a cleaner world.

Gust Spaepen

As a long-time Group Managing Director of Oiltanking, one of world's largest independent tank storage companies, Gust is a veteran in the global mid- and downstream industries and provides essential business insight and guidance.