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Gas Treatment

Gas Well

Pre-treatment of Raw Gas

In case of well-head gas, the process starts with the pre-treatment of the raw gas to bring in to the optimal quality for the liquefaction process. Depending on the gas composition, this may include removal of heavy pollutants such as VOC, ammonia, chlorides as well as the bulk of hydrogen sulfide. The modular pre-treatment plants are assembled to address the specific characteristics and volumes of gas handled, and may comprise of scrubbers, carbon beds or other solutions, all of which will be mobile and skid-mounted.

As a stand-alone operation, the pre-treatment step helps oil and gas producers create self- sustaining operations by optimizing raw natural gas for maximum electricity generation efficiency on site.

As a next step, gas polishing unit allows to refine the purity of methane to make it conform to the liquefaction specifications: in order to avoid the formation of dry ice and the onset of corrosion phenomena, the concentrations of carbon dioxide and moisture content they must be in the range of 50 and 1 ppm respectively.

  • Removal of pollutants
  • Removal of hydrogen sulfide
  • Increasing methane number of gas
  • Extending lifetime and warranty of gas generators

Case in Point

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Maximum monetization of gas and its components

Case 1:

The process of gas treatment and polishing results in meaningful amounts of Boil Off Gas (BOG), which in some practices is vented into the atmosphere. OneLng redirects this gas to the genset that power the entire processes at the site. In case of excess power generation, excess can be sold to the grid and offered to auxiliary services such as crypto currency mining.

Case 2:

In areas that are rich in gas with high content of valuable components (e.g. helium), the treatment system is designed to capture and collect such components for additional revenue streams

Other services

Iced Up Valves

Gas Liquefaction: LNG & NGL

Lean and polished gas is liquefied using the natural gas compression-expansion cycles, which utilize in the process the same source gas.

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Modular regasification plants for safe and efficient conversion of LNG to a ready-to-consume product.

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LNG & NGL Sales

Through our extensive network we can provide an outlet for the customer’s product and arrange all necessary logistics, be that for local / regional consumption, or for international export of LNG via any applicable means of transportation.

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