Flaring in Bakken Basin
New partnership in the Bakken

OneLng joins forces with Energy Xtractors in the Bakken Basin

Reinforcing our commitment to flare mitigation

OneLng is committed to eliminate gas flaring by converting the associated gas to LNG - a valuable energy source. We strongly believe in the vast potential of our technology to help the Oil & Gas industry achieve their emission reduction goals at no additional cost while increasing their bottom-line results.

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with a like-minded and highly experienced industry player in the Bakken Basin. Energy Xtractors is a company that brings together in-depth regional experience across various processes in the energy sector, ranging from gas processing and compression, power generation to condensate & NGL marketing.  The company, co-founded and operated by Mr. Guillermo (Memo) Barreto and Mr. Gary Emineth, who are both deeply committed to North Dakota, offers invaluable insight into the local market and regulations. Together with the innovative technology of OneLng, specializing in micro-scale mobile gas liquefaction plants, the parties aim to help Bakken Basin oil producers maximize the production potential of their assets.

Why North Dakota?

Bakken Basin is one of the key oil & gas producing regions in the US with a significant upward potential; over 7,000 new well locations have been added in the Bakken and Three Forks basin over the last two years, with only 1,265 of new wells completed. This substantial well development potential requires timely construction of supporting oil & gas infrastructure, which often lags behind, leaving operators to flare the associated gas.

According to the US Department of Energy, in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota’s Williston Basin alone, “about 20 percent of the roughly 85 Bcf per month, or 0.56 Bcf/d, will continue to be flared until pipeline infrastructure that is currently under construction is completed".[1]

The OneLng micro-LNG solution, with the help of Energy Xtractors, will help bridge the gap between the time a well is completed and the time permanent midstream infrastructure is in place, enabling producers to develop their respective acreage without flaring. This locally produced LNG will be used in the nearby oil fields to displace diesel for cleaner fracking operations. Furthermore, it will provide locally sourced natural gas to the neighboring municipalities, contributing to the increasing economic growth of local communities.

We are very excited about these new developments and look forward to sharing further updates in this space.

Energy Xtractors is a North Dakota-based company providing solutions to the energy sector through project management with the focus on bridging the gap for energy producers operating in The Bakken. More information at www.energyxtractors.com

OneLng is a Texas-based company that specializes in the design, construction and operation of mobile micro-LNG plants, helping eliminate gas flaring, unlock stranded gas assets, and connect remote markets via virtual pipelines. more info at www.1-lng.com

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