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OneLNG and VP Ventures Announce Cooperation to Reshape the Micro-LNG Space

The partnership marks a significant milestone for OneLng and VP Ventures as they embark on a journey to revolutionize the energy sector

OneLng, Inc., a pioneering provider of specialized equipment and services for flare capture and liquefaction, and VP Ventures, LLC, a wholesale energy marketing company focused on the sales, marketing and transportation of liquefied gas products, have entered into a strategic partnership agreement. The collaboration aims to combine the strengths of both companies to revolutionize the micro-LNG industry and provide comprehensive “wellhead to burner tip” services to a wide range of industry customers.


The joint cooperation between OneLng and VP Ventures comes at a time when the demand for clean energy solutions is on the rise. OneLng, with its cutting-edge equipment and services, will contribute its expertise in converting the by-product of the oil and gas production process to a useable source of energy, thus helping to address the environmental challenges associated with the sector. VP Ventures, on the other hand, will provide its extensive trading and logistics expertise as well as transportation assets to effectively market LNG and NGLs, ensuring safe and efficient product delivery to its customer base.


Initially, the partnership will focus on the United States market, leveraging the nation's vast energy resources and potential for growth. In the coming years, the companies have ambitious plans to expand their joint services internationally, capitalizing on global energy markets and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


"We are thrilled to announce our joint cooperation with VP Ventures," said Martijn van Koolwijk, CEO of OneLng. "By combining our expertise in flare capture and liquefaction with VP Ventures' marketing and logistics capabilities, we are confident in our ability to help to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy alternatives”.


“Together, we will have a significant impact on the market,” added Jake Field, CEO of VP Ventures. “We will be in position to offer our customers a comprehensive range of energy solutions, all contributing to a greener future."


This partnership marks a significant milestone for both OneLng and VP Ventures as they embark on a journey to reshape the energy industry. With a shared vision and complementary strengths, the companies are poised to transform the market and provide environmentally friendly solutions that meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world.

About OneLng, Inc.

OneLng, Inc. is a Houston-based company that offers complete LNG supply chain solutions that utilize novel and patented, mobile, and cost-effective micro-liquefaction plants with processing capacity ranging from 1 to 20 Million Cubic Feet per Day. The company was founded on the principle of minimizing waste gas emissions by converting industrial by-products to valuable resources. More info at


About VP Ventures, LLC

Virtual Pipeline Ventures, LLC is a wholesale energy marketing company focused on the sales, marketing and transportation of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) via their virtual pipeline infrastructure. More info at

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