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OneLng offers a full suite of services to help you make the most of your natural resources.

GAs Treatment

Our offering starts with the process of cleaning the natural gas from any impurities it may contain. The modular pre-treatment plants are assembled to address the specific characteristics and volumes of natural gas produced.

The (pre-) treatment step can be used as stand-alone service to bring the natural gas to the quality necessary for optimal generation of electricity at the site for individual needs of the operator and/or supply to the local electrical grid.


We focus on micro LNG plants at well-sites with low gas flows - a segment of the industry that is often perceived as unfeasible due to high capital requirements associated with conventional plants. Through thorough research and years of development, we have designed solutions that enable cost-effective production of LNG via mobile containerized installations.

These technologies can provide an outlet for stranded gas assets, or create additional revenue flows for oil producers via monetization of currently flared associated gases.


We facilitate the entire logistics chain of the LNG journey, which starts at the natural gas production site and ends at the end-consumer's point of receipt. Modular regasification plants can be provided for safe and efficient conversion of LNG to a ready-to-consume product.

Marketing and logistics

Though our extensive network we provide an outlet for your product and arrange all necessary logistics, be that for local / regional consumption, or for international export of LNG via any applicable means of transportation.