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OneLng's first U.S. micro-LNG plant to be deployed in North Dakota

OneLng has finalized the commercial arrangements for its micro-LNG system in the US. The mobile plant will be installed in the Bakken Basin in North Dakota, and will be the first such unit to be deployed in the US.

OneLng’s micro-liquefaction plant will be capable of capturing up to 2.1 mmscfd (million standard cubic feet per day) of natural gas, which is produced as a by-product of the oil production activity. The deployment of the plant will fully eradicate the need for routine flaring at the well site.

The system will consist of five units - each mounted on a standard 40 foot skid - with a total plant footprint of 800 square feet. The plant is fully self-sustainable: it does not require external refrigerants and utilizes boil-off gas of the process to generate power at the site. The power generation equipment will be provided by T&E Power Systems, the authorized Caterpillar® power dealer in the Bakken region.

The output of the 2 MMSCFD plant will be approximately 8,500 gallons per day of NGL and 1,500 gallons per day of LNG. The product will be delivered for municipal and industrial consumption in the region at a significantly lower cost than the currently used diesel.

The marketing and logistics of the product as well as the plant operations will be undertaken jointly with Energy Xtractors, OneLng’s partner in North Dakota.

“We are very pleased with the robust pace of development of the North Dakota project. The agreement for the first micro-LNG plant is an exciting milestone in our partnership with Energy Xtractors, a strong industry leader in the region”, says Martijn van Koolwijk, the CEO of OneLng.  

“We are confident that the addition of Micro-LNG plants to the current Energy Xtractors portfolio of technologies & partners will strongly benefit North Dakota in helping us achieve a lower carbon footprint while delivering a valuable local fuel source to the market at an affordable price point", adds the CEO of Energy Xtractors Gary Emineth.

Left to Right: Martijn van Koolwijk (CEO of OneLng), Guillermo Barreto (President & Founder of Energy Xtractors); Gary Emineth (CEO of Energy Xtractors)

Energy Xtractors is a North Dakota-based company providing solutions to the energy sector through project management with the focus on bridging the gap for energy producers operating in The Bakken. More information at

T&E Power Systems is the authorized regional Caterpillar® power dealer since 1929. Today, together with its subsidiaries, it services central and eastern Montana, western North Dakota, northern Wyoming, Alaska and western/central Washington. More information at

OneLng Inc. is a Houston-based company that specializes in the design, construction and operation of mobile micro-LNG plants, helping eliminate gas flaring, unlock stranded gas assets, and connect remote markets via virtual pipelines. More info at

Illustrative OneLng micro-liquefaction plant layout

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